Thanks to HMRC’s Making Tax Digital initiative, keeping on top of tax obligations has never been easier. One great way to streamline your tax process is by using online Self Assessment software to submit your annual return. This is particularly useful for sole traders (Income Tax Self Assessment), or for anyone needing to submit supplementary info alongside the main SA100 form.

In this week’s article, we outline some of the key ways in which our HMRC-recognised MTD service can increase your financial efficiency for free today. Read on below for the low-down on Self Assessment tax returns!

What is Self Assessment software?

Self Assessment software, such as the free service provided by AbraTax, is the most up-to-date way to submit your Income Tax return to HMRC. Compatible with HMRC’s Making Tax Digital (MTD) scheme, it enables you to declare tax due on a range of incomes through the relevant digital forms, including:

  • SA100 (the “main tax return”)
  • SA102 (employees and company directors)
  • SA103S (self-employment)
  • SA105 (UK property income)

Benefits of Self Assessment software

At AbraTax, we believe that Self Assessment software can provide the best solution for individuals and small business owners alike. Covering a range of usage scenarios (as listed above), using tax software such as our Self Assessment service boasts a range of benefits:

Secure, cloud-based submissions

Submitting your tax returns online simply makes sense: there are no hard copies to send to HMRC, so you don’t ever need to worry about crucial documents getting delayed or lost in the post. With AbraTax, your tax return is instant and sent directly to HMRC through an encrypted system.

HMRC-recognised service

Self Assessment submission software such as AbraTax can promise an HMRC-recognised service. This means that we have been identified by the UK government as a trusted, reliable software for filing your tax returns directly with HMRC.

Simple to use (no complex paperwork)

Self Assessment tax software is super easy and convenient to use! Gone are the days of filling in tedious papers. Instead, our online service provides helpful guidance each step of the way. Our systems even validate your input and automatically calculate the tax due, helping to reduce human error!

Catch up on previous tax years

AbraTax's bespoke software also enables you to file late or missed returns from previous tax years – something which is not currently supported through HMRC's own online services. While we cannot recommend filing any tax beyond the appropriate deadline, we believe it is important to facilitate users in catching up as quickly as possible.

No charge (free to use)

Perhaps the best thing is that you can benefit from all these advantages at no cost. Filing your Self Assessment is currently free, so why not give it a try? Save time and avoid stress by submitting your return with our trusted tax software today!


Whether you’re a sole trader or declaring other relevant incomes, we believe AbraTax provides the best Self Assessment software out there. From self-employment to property income, we offer free and HMRC-recognised tax returns services. By making full use of the available tools, you can maximise your tax efficiency and free up more time for the things you love. Sign up for your free Self Assessment to benefit today!

Disclaimer: We aim to offer educational articles on our blog, focusing on tax-related topics. However, it's important to note that over time, the relevancy of this content might diminish, and we cannot guarantee accuracy. While these articles serve as a tool for enhancing tax knowledge, they are not a replacement for expert advice in accounting, taxation, or legal matters, given the unique nature of each individual's situation. Should you require personalized assistance, we encourage contacting HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).