Today’s article is all about raising awareness. We have all heard that Making Tax Digital is sweeping the nation’s tax system – but does it apply to me? If so, when? Read on below as we give you the rundown on MTD for ITSA and what it means to you today.

What is Making Tax Digital?

Making Tax Digital is HMRC’s plan to modernise and digitise the tax-paying process. HMRC has been gradually phasing in various new systems over recent years. Even more systems will be phased in soon. For Self Assessment, this is referred to as MTD for ITSA (Making Tax Digital for Income Tax Self Assessment).

Upcoming MTD deadlines

MTD: Soft landing

  • From April 2026, self-employed sole traders and landlords will need to comply with MTD for ITSA if their qualifying income exceeds £50,000.
  • From April 2027, the boundary for qualifying income will be reduced to £30,000.

MTD: Get ready today!

All of this means that many sole traders and landlords will soon need to keep digital records and submit quarterly returns through Self Assessment software – whether they like it or not! Although not yet mandatory, it’s a good idea to start using tax return software to file Self Assessment today.

By starting to file your Self Assessment online with services such as AbraTax now, you are likely to experience a much smoother transition later. This is because AbraTax is HMRC-recognised and provides fully MTD-compatible tools. You know what they say: a stitch in time saves nine.

Why should I use Self Assessment software today?

As well as being ready for the MTD rollout, there are many other benefits to using tax software and keeping digital records. Let’s have a look at some of them now:

  • Reduce errors: Digital tax software is all about minimising human error, saving you (and HMRC) from a headache down the line. By making use of features such as digital links in your bookkeeping and filing your Self Assessment online, you can avoid costly manual slip-ups.
  • Receive digital support: Gone are the days of wading through confusing paper forms. With modern, MTD-compatible tax return software, you can make use of handy hints and instructions provided along the way – or contact the dedicated support team!
  • Save time: Submitting your Self Assessment has never been quicker. With tax return software, you can quickly and easily provide the relevant details and submit them instantly to HMRC. No stamps, no risk of postal strikes, and no more waiting around!
  • Convenience for free: With all these benefits, some people must be thinking what’s the catch? – but there isn’t one! Amazingly, you can start filing your Income Tax online today for free. At this stage, there’s really no excuse not to use Self Assessment software.


MTD for ITSA is inevitable: in the near future, all sole traders and landlords with incomes over £30,000 will need to file quarterly returns online. Although not everyone has to use Self Assessment software quite yet, it’s a good idea to get ahead of the game now! Luckily, there are quick and easy tax software providers like AbraTax already up and running – for free.

If you ask us, AbraTax is the best Self Assessment software available. Why not sign up and start now?

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